Beyoncé paid out of pocket to extend the circulation of the subways after her concert: here is the amount

Beyoncé Renaissance Tour - Concert Stockholm ©BelgaImage

Beyoncé’s concert in Stockholm during the Renaissance Tour ©BelgaImage

This weekend, Queen B was packing in the US federal capital, Washington. A highlight of her “Renaissance World Tour” but on Sunday August 6, the weather was not on the singer’s side. A big storm forced the latter to postpone her concert for two hours, the risk posed by lightning being too great. Even more problematic: following this shift, the event should have ended after the closing time of the metro. A real concern for fans, many of whom relied on this means of transport to get home. Fortunately for them, Beyoncé came to their rescue by paying no less than 100,000 dollars so that the metro could continue to run longer than expected.

Music and trains for the “BeyHive”!

As ABC News reports, “after the show ended, Beyoncé graciously stepped in to offer her fans an extra hour of train service to ensure concertgoers got home safely“. The entire network, i.e. a few hundred stations, was able to see the trains pass by until late at night.

Fans were able to enjoy the concert without worrying too much about what they would have to do to get home. They nevertheless had to face the rain, which did not disappear during the show. An inconvenience that did not discourage the community of Beyoncé fans, the “BeyHive”, from coming to the site.

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