Beyonce posed in “Blood Diamond”. “She is disappointed and angry”

Beyonce’s photos crash the internet bank. Now, however, more and more fans are raising the cry that the diamond that hung around the star’s neck is associated with the suffering of slaves … According to foreign media, it was mined in a colonial mine in Kimberley, South Africa in 1877 – that is, at a time when the country was under British rule. Black workers were then forced to work in terrible conditions for little wages.

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A “blood diamond”, as defined by the United Nations (UN), is any diamond that is mined and sold to fund military action against the government.

Beyonce reportedly had no idea about the history of the diamond. – I am aware of the criticism. She is disappointed and angry that she has not been informed of questions regarding the story [diamentu] – says an anonymous source in an interview with “The Sun”. “She thought every detail was checked,” he adds. Charles Tiffany bought the stone in 1879.

As comments on the star’s posts are disabled, excited Internet users now hit her mother Tina Knowles. Finally, she decided to react by writing: “How many of you socially conscious activists own diamonds? I thought so! Have you tried to find out where they come from? Probably not!”.

And she added that the attacks on Beyonce were unfair. Some fans backed Knowles, emphasizing that when Lady Gaga was wearing the stone, no one had a problem with it. Still, many people are disappointed with the attitude of Jay-Z’s wife.

Before Beyonce, only four women previously wore a massive yellow diamond: Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn and the aforementioned Gaga. According to estimates by Tiffany & Co. the gem is worth $ 30 million.

Beyonce in "blood diamond"Instagram / beyonce

The singer is the fourth woman in history and the first African American to wear a Tiffany jewel

Mary WhitehouseRalph Morse / The Life Picture Collection / Facebook

The American woman was the first to put on the stone and chose Tiffany in it on July 13, 1957

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