Beyoncé reportedly took a “nice break” in French Polynesia for her birthday

What did you do to celebrate your birthday this year? Maybe a roller skating party with your mom looking to rent skates for all your friends, or maybe a low-key party, cake and candles? Maybe someone made you some pasta. Or maybe you convinced thousands of people to dress the way you wanted and pay to see you, then took a hot second to fly out with your family and hit some sand?

Beyonce reportedly chose the latter option to win the big 4-2 earlier this month.

People reported, based on an anonymous source, that Bey flew out immediately after her September 4 show in Los Angeles (also known as The One Where Timothée Chalamet And Kylie Jenner and did not follow the dress code) and enjoyed some downtime with her family in French Polynesia, where she rented “several private villas” for herself and her family.

“It was a nice break for Beyoncé,” the source told the magazine. “The tour was intense. She needed to recharge her batteries for a few days.

Bey and her husband, Jay Zwould have spent a lot of quality time with their children, 11 years old Blue ivy and 6 year old twins Rumi And Sir.

“They enjoyed the beach, had family dinners and participated in several resort activities,” the source said. “Everyone had the best time. »

Once the hiatus ended, the singer’s sold-out Renaissance World Tour resumed in Vancouver on September 11.

And if you think Bey skipped the cake, no: she shared photos of a disco ball-shaped confection on her Instagram, along with silver birthday balloons. You always have to stick to the theme. That’s just the Virgo way.

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