Beyoncé’s mom responds to rumor that she travels with her own toilet

Tina Knowles has shut down rumors that her daughter Beyoncé was traveling with personal toilet seats while on tour.

Beyoncé toilet seat rumors began earlier this month when a source told the US Sun that the hitmaker could get anything she wanted.

“Beyoncé is such an elite artist that she can literally ask for anything,” the insider said.

“Her team goes to great lengths to ensure she has her own comfort and a personal toilet seat is one of them.”

The source added:

“His touring roadies have seen it all, so it’s not much for them, but it puts a smile on people’s faces who catch sight of the trademark container.”

Beyoncé's mom responds to rumor that her daughter travels with her own toilet

But Tina Knowles has denied the rumours, explaining that the leaked behind-the-scenes photo of a black container labeled “BEYONCÉ TOILET SEATS” was just part of the singer’s Renaissance World Tour ensemble.

“It’s so ridiculous,” the mother of two told TMZ on Monday, August 14.

“These are brackets that you put ventilators on, they’re called toilet seats,” she said.

Knowles, 69, added that the idea of ​​her daughter requesting her own personalized bathroom toilet seat was “too much”.

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