Beyoncé’s New Song Leads Fans to Quit

Beyoncé’s new album, rebirth, only arrives this Wednesday, 29, and is already making an impact. The influence that the singer has on her followers has reached a new level, as some fans they will have fired after listening to the new song, break my soul. “Now, I just fell in love / And I just quit my job” says the artist at one point in the track released on June 20.

the british website The Face collected some depositions of people who followed the advice of the singer of single ladies. Katt, 30, says: “It’s hard to describe how I felt when I heard the song! It felt very much like a sign. I had been going around in circles for a while, feeling tired and unhappy.”

Vianna, 22, shares the same enthusiasm, telling your story. “I worked as a security guard at a fruit and vegetable production company. I felt refreshed when I heard break my soul for the first time”. Other followers decided to expose their situation in social networksas is the case of artist Kori James, who posted on Twitter her resignation letter.

While some followed Beyoncé’s advice, others were outraged. With the economy in the United States of America still recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, several fans questioned whether it is a good idea to suddenly quit their job. As always, Beyoncé left no one indifferent, and all just with a song.

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