Beyoncé’s nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards is controversial

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The nominations have fallen! The 40th edition of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) will take place in Newark on September 12, and the list of nominees is causing some surprises. Whether Taylor Swift and SZA are the heavy favorites with eight and six chances to win respectively, with no men competing in the top two categories of Video and Artist of the Year. In this last list, six singers are therefore in the running: Taylor Swift, Shakira, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Karol G and… Beyoncé! The nomination of the interpreter of “Break My Soul” in a ceremony rewarding the clips of the year is surprising since she did not release any to defend her latest album “Renaissance”, released in July 2022 While some teasers have been released announcing the release of visuals, none have seen the light of day since, although persistent rumors point to a release in the coming months in the form of a film.

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“A joke”

In fact, the presence of Beyoncé in the competition, when she has not released any clip, divides Internet users. On the one hand, the star’s fans cite the visuals of his current tour or the photoshoots surrounding the album “Renaissance” to justify this nomination. Some even go so far as to say that Beyoncé is a visual herself. But others are more circumspect. ” It’s not fair, how does it work? », « It’s not normal, she didn’t release any music videos », « Makes no sense, when is she gonna stop buying prizes », « It’s good for Beyoncé but it’s the VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS », « The VMAs have always been a joke anyway can we read on X (or Twitter), while others speak of an artist truly ” overpriced and recall the true concept of the ceremony: “The MTV Video Music Awards (MTV VMA’s) were created in 1984 by the American musical cable television channel MTV. Its purpose is to reward the best music videos of the year”. Beyoncé has not released a music video. Beyoncé is a casting mistake “.

A case that already recalls the controversy of the last Grammy Awards in February. Harry Styles won Album of the Year with ‘Harry’s House’ against Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’. What the fans of Queen B had not supported: they had made it known on social networks, but also in the room of the ceremony, with some boos in the public. A verdict that prompted Harry Styles to explain himself a few minutes later: “ You never know with these things. I don’t think you can look at the nominees and not feel like they deserved it. When I look at this category, it’s all the artists who inspired me at different times so, you know, you would have understood that anyone could have won. And yes, I am very grateful that they chose us “.

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