Bianca Balti as Angelina Jolie, photos with scars

Carrier, like Angelina Jolie, of a gene that increases the possibility of developing breast cancer by 70%, Bianca Balti underwent a double mastectomy, with reconstruction and published the photos with the scars.

For a woman having to deal with breast or ovarian cancer is a trauma and a nightmare that is always lurking. All the more for those who know, due to genetic predisposition, that they are subject to a much greater risk of being affected by it. The model knows something about it Bianca Baltiwho like Angelina Jolie before her, underwent the surgical removal of both breasts last month for this reason and now shows off her post-surgery photos on Instagram, one in which she says she has just had the drainage removed and feels very sexy and one, naked, where the scars are clearly visible.

Bianca Balti: New year, new me, the photos after the surgery

Bianca Balti is 38 years old and is the mother of two daughters. In addition to her modeling work, she has always been involved as a volunteer in the work of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In her work, appearance is paramount, but health comes first. So the supermodel decided to undergo a double mastectomy after discovering that she has the so-called BRCA1 genetic mutation, which increases the chance of contracting breast cancer by 70%. After the surgery and the reconstruction, she posted a series of shots on Instagram where the reconstructed breasts and the scars of the operations are visible, accompanied by the caption “New year, New Me (after all, cats can have 10 lives)”. It seems to us a good message for all those who have to face the nightmare of giving up a part of themselves, which in some cases, unfortunately, is necessary to avoid worse troubles.

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