Bianca Guaccero leaves Said and Done? Journalist: “Elisa D’ospina perfect”


Written by Liliana Morreale, March 21, 2020 , in Tv Personalities

photos of Bianca Guaccero said and done closes

Having said that, journalist Bianca Guaccero: “Is perfect but there is talk of a possible farewell…”

Bianca Guaccero leaves Said and Done? The speculation in the past few months seem to have been disproved. According to the weeks Today in fact, the presenter pugliese would remain at the helm of the tutorial program for the next season. However, because this item has not yet been officially in the hypothesis in which Bianca Guaccero should leave Said And Donethe journalist True Thomas Martinelli, in his book the school report card to the well-known faces, has been hypothesized as a possible substitute Bianca Guaccero, Elisa D’ospina. In particular, the journalist wrote:

“The guide Said and Done Bianca Guaccero is perfect. But since we talk about his upcoming farewell to the program, the hope is that the direction of Rai 2 can enhance Elisa D’ospina”.

Said and Done, Thomas Martinelli: “If Bianca Guaccero leaves, Elisa D’ospina deserves the promotion”

In the event that Bianca Guaccero let the conduct of Said And Done a worthy replacement, according to the journalist Truewould be Elisa D’ospina. Thomas Martinelli on the curvy model has in fact admitted: “In the last episodes , when Bianca Guaccero was unable to lead, he managed to drive the program with expertise, freshness and spontaneity”. The D’ospina, also is a mentor of the program since it was conducted by Catherine Balivo and knows him very well. The journalist, finally, he concluded:

“No more of the D’ospina, by years, in the cast of that Fact, they deserve a promotion on the field.”

Currently Said And Done not to be broadcast, was suspended after a make-up artist of the programme was positive for coronavirus.

Bianca Guaccero on the cancellation of the Said Fact: “it Is a fabrication of the media”

In the meantime Bianca Guaccerorecently it is hard ventedhe told her about the possible cancellation of Said And Done: “The curve of what we hear is more alive than ever: we close always to the 10, 11 percent. Therefore, the cancellation is a hype in the media. As the alleged disagreements with Ciacci and Mariotto, of which it is not worthwhile to talk to.” In short, it is not clear the future of the programme of Rai 2, even if Elisa D’ospina has been shown to be at the height of the run, very probably in September, Said that he will return for Bianca Guaccero.

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