Biathlon World Cup 2021/22: Blamaż Polish women in the biathlon relay. Results and report from the competition in Oestersund

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The French, Anais Bescond, Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, Julia Simon and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, took the lead in the second shift. Before that, after flawless shooting and a good run, the Russians were in the lead. However, Chevalier-Bouchet, who was running on the second shift, also did not make a mistake at the shooting range and led her compatriots to the fore.

An ever greater advantage

From that moment on, the advantage of the Three-wheelers grew, and the players who fought in the next shifts missed a total of two times at the shooting range. Braisaz-Bouchet, who ended the rivalry, left the shooting range after the last attempt with a broad smile on his face. Before reaching the finish line, she was celebrating her success for a long time.

Hanna Sola, who led the Belarus relay race to the finish line, came with a loss of 57.9 seconds to the French. Biathletes from Norway and Sweden fought for the third place to the last meters. The representative of the hosts turned out to be slightly better.

The catastrophe of Polish women

The relay in Oestersund did not work for the Biało-Czerwony at all. Monika Hojnisz-Staręga started with a good run and flawless shooting in the supine position, but then problems began. In the “stand-up” she had to select cartridges twice.

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Monika Hojnisz-Staręga's troubles at the second shooting during the relay race in Ostersund

Video: Eurosport Monika Hojnisz-Staręga’s troubles at the second shooting during the relay race in Ostersund

The disaster, however, took place on the second shift and the second shooting of Kinga Zbylut. The Polish woman used all the draws and then missed three more times, which meant running three penalty rounds. She finished her shift with a loss of more than four minutes to the French. Kamila Żuk running on it did her best, but the Polish relay race was finally doubled. Although Anna Mąka appeared at the start and started the competition, she was immediately removed from the route by the judges.

The performance of Polish women in Oestersund was the worst start of the women’s relay race in years. Former biathlete Tomasz Sikora who commented on the competition in Eurosport and Tomasz Jaroński, who has been reporting on the biathlon competition for many years, could not recall a similar situation in the performance of Polish players.

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Disaster at the shooting range.  Kinga Zbylut and penalty laps in the Ostersund relay

Video: Eurosport Disaster at the shooting range. Kinga Zbylut and penalty laps in the Ostersund relay

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