Biden approved additional military assistance to Ukraine

According to CNN and Politico, the United States is secretly rearming Ukraine, which is facing a Russian invasion. To help Kiev, Joe Biden was to use a special legal ploy to circumvent procedures.

Media reports said the White House had “quietly” used a rule that mandated the US President to ask the Pentagon through the State Department to hand over US equipment to a country in distress.

According to Politico, the military aid package for Ukraine includes, inter alia, radar system and naval equipment, but it is not known when it will be delivered.

Signal at the highest level

An advisor to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed that Kiev has been informed about the upcoming aid “at the highest level” last month. “Given that US intelligence has consistently suggested that Russia can launch a full invasion with all its military force, this aid would allow Ukraine to inflict additional damage on Russia, but would not significantly alter the outcome,” he said.

Politico points out that this is not the first such decision by Biden. In August, the president ordered the United States to send $ 60 million of military aid to Ukraine. Part of this tranche, including small arms and ammunition, was delivered last month.

– We are providing Ukraine with significant defense aid, including during the last few weeks. This year alone, almost half a billion dollars – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told ABC News, announcing that if Russia continues to escalate the situation, aid for Kiev will be increased.

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