Biden “pardoned” the turkeys. He talked about their “immunization status”

“Peanut Butter and Jelly were chosen for their temperament, their looks and, I suspect, their immunization status,” Biden joked at a ceremony in the White House garden.

The American leader praised the bird names for “peanut butter” and “marmalade” chosen by children at Indiana school. As he added, a sandwich with these ingredients is his favorite lunch dish.

Biden emphasized that the tradition of offering turkeys to the president before Thanksgiving dates back to the presidency of Harry Truman, and the tradition to spare them life – the presidency of George Bush senior. “It is important to continue traditions like these and remember that light and hope and progress come out of darkness, and that is what this celebration represents,” said the president.

Joe Biden added that Americans should show special gratitude this year to the scientists, doctors and “frontline workers” who developed and administered vaccines to people.

Thanksgiving, commemorating the first harvest of English colonists in Plymouth, traditionally takes place on the fourth Thursday in November and this year falls on 25 November.


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