Biden’s conversation with Putin. Here are what sanctions against Russia are at stake

List potential sanctions targeting some of the largest Russian banks and the state-owned investment fundPresident Joe Biden may present already during Tuesday’s conversation with Vladimir Putin. It is also an option limiting investors’ ability to buy Russian bonds on the secondary market.

According to Bloomberg, it’s also on the table the atomic option of blocking access Russia to the Swift financial payment system. However, this solution would mean a huge blow to ordinary citizens, so policymakers will try to avoid it.

The aim is to signal the possibility of many actions in advance. Then it may not be necessary to reach for them, as long as the threat looks plausible – explains Matthew Rojansky, director of the Kennan Institute in Washington, in an interview with Bloomberg.

The tightening of relations between Russia and the West is related to Russia’s assembly on the border with Ukraine of 175,000 soldiers, which according to American intelligence may constitute preparations for the invasion of the neighbor. Russia has denied the accusations of preparing the invasion, but has at the same time made demands to the West, including the exclusion of Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

It is unclear how many details about possible sanctions Joe Biden will provide to Vladimir Putin, especially as most of them would depend on the consent of US allies. According to Bloomberg, Washington’s goal is to deprive the Kremlin of pressure on Ukraine, but also on the US itself and its European allies.

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