Bieberowie want to sue the doctor who suggested that Haley gave up a series of plastic surgeries!

In our days, Hollywood celebrities are increasingly amenable to “diet modification in facial features”due to which, almost from day to day can go “flashy” makeup. Both older and younger stars do not hide already with plastic surgery, reaching a scalpel “perfect” appearance, which gives them later to the delight of fans around the world. For anybody not a secret that most of today’s icons simulation enjoys the benefits of aesthetic medicine: among them we can mention the most popular models of the young generation, that is Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid.

As well as the fact that Internet users all over the world come to mind, what is the procedure for surrender of the stars to get so a stunning effectone plastic surgeon has decided to take under a magnifying glass the face of the wife of one of the most famous singers in the world Hayley Bieber. In a video posted on Youtube titled “Hayley and Justin at the doctor” Dr. Barrett raised the issue of extraordinary transformation daughter Stephen Alec Baldwin for many years, which is out of the ordinary teenage girls turned into the sexiest woman in the world (the title called it a magazine Maxim in 2017).


Look at her face – Barrett said. Pay special attention to nose, before you start to say, puberty or anything else will change her face so drastically.

In addition to nasal surgery in the record an American called that celebrytka surrendered genioplastyce, that is, change the shape of the chin, filled his mouth and fell a few other non-invasive procedures.

Didn’t have to wait long to on the video said are interested. Outraged by the record, the couple decided to release a special statement in which it acknowledged its base with a synonym “misrepresentation, insults, slander, placement in a false light, violation of right to publicity, copyright infringement, violation of trademark and service mark”. Barreta couple asked about the removal of the film and withdrawing it from the network within 24 hours. Otherwise Bieberowie threatened that they will meet with the doctor in court, and they demanded compensation, which amount singing will be six zeroes.

Video Barreta inspired collage with photos of celebrytkami comparing photos Product a few years ago, with the current. 23-year-old woman caused a real storm when a few days ago, left post under review, which zarzekaƂa that never lost a single plastic surgery.


Do you think Hayley will win the process with Dr. Barrett?


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