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Biedronka surprised with promotions for this year’s Black Friday. The chain of stores offered its customers a coffee machine practically for free, as well as an additional one for free when buying selected products! The offer is valid only this Friday!

Black Friday in Biedronka. Coffee machine for free!

On the occasion of Black Friday, a chain of stores Ladybird prepared a unique promotion for cardholders My Ladybug! All special offers will only be valid for the next one Friday 26 November 2021, and while stocks last. Biedronka offered her clients coffee machine practically free! When buying a coffee machine Delta Q customers will receive vouchers about its value, which they can use for shopping in chain stores. The discount voucher will have value 199 or PLN 299depending on the selected version of the machine.

photo: Biedronka / Press materials

Black Friday in Biedronka. When buying cosmetics, the second product is free!

November 26, 2021 will be the perfect opportunity to replenish the missing cosmetics in our bathroom! Biedronka offers a unique promotion for products of such brands as Gilette, Eveline, Palmolive, Pantene, Sensodyne, Schauma, Adidas, Rexona, Syoss, Fa and Schwarzkopf. When you buy two products, you can get the second one for free, or if you choose another product, the discount will be the equivalent of the cheaper one.

photo: Biedronka / Press materials

Black Friday in Biedronka. When buying cosmetics, the second product is free!

Parents of little children who are holders of the Moja Biedronka card will be pleased with the possibility of purchasing Dada diapers in the 1 + 1 promotion. When you buy two packages, you will get the second one for free, or if you choose different packages – you will get a discount on the value of the cheaper product. The offer applies to diapers: Extra Large, Junior, Maxi +, Maxi and Midi and only valid on Friday, November 26, 2021.

photo: Biedronka / Press materials

All the above-mentioned promotions are intended for holders of the Moja Biedronka card. They will only be available on Friday, November 26, 2021 and while stocks last.

For the Biedronka chain, offering low prices every day is a consistently developed method of operation. Every day, we offer a number of promotions to our 4 million customers – the press team of the chain of stores told us.

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