Big Brother Vip, Antonio Medugno pinched with the former suitor of Men and Women

After the Big Brother Vip, Antonio Medugno returns to attend Giulia D’Urso, former suitor of Men and Women.

News in the sentimental field for Antonio Medugnoa competitor of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. The tik toker was plucked with a note former suitor of Men and Womenwith which it is rumored there was some tender before its entry to Cinecittà.

Big Brother Vip, Antonio Medugno will try again with Giulia D’Urso?

Antonio Medugno has received a lot of praise for his journey in the house of Big Brother Vipand support from those who have been struck by the unsettling confessions about food problems that he had to face bravely before walking through the red door of Cinecittà. Antoniohowever, he has also become the subject of gossip for his love life, especially after a particular rapprochement with Delia Duranduring the short break that the showgirl had taken from the relationship with her partner Alex Belliand after the indiscretion she wanted him engaged with Clarissa Selassie.

A few weeks ago, Medugno was spotted in the company of Rosa Di Graziaformer dancer of Friends and Deddy’s ex-girlfriend, but the gieffino was quick to deny there was any tender between them. It seems, in fact, that Antonio both returned to the court of a note former suitor of Men and Womenwhich he would have attended before having to isolate himself pending admission to the Gf Vip. We are talking about Giulia D’Ursothe choice of Giulio Raselli and one of the suitors who was most supported by the public of Canale5 dating show thanks to its spontaneity and sweetness. The indiscretion on Antonio And Giulianot yet confirmed by the interested parties, was launched from the Veryinutilpeople page which lets you know:

“An acquaintance of the 26-year-old ex suitor of Men and Women confirmed to us that she saw her last week in Milan, in the Moscova district, together with Medugno. The two walked hand in hand and “seemed in harmony”. The same person also knows Sofia Rattà and has confirmed her current love story with Milan midfielder Alexis Saelemaekers. But that’s not all: this girl also confirmed the latter’s flirtation with D’Urso and the quarrel between the two former friends ”.

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