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After The haunted housewhich will be directed by Justin Simien, the next Disneyland attraction to hit the big screen will be Big Thunder Mountain.

Directing the project, as Deadline announces, we will find Bert & Bertiedirectors who have directed several episodes of the Disney + series of Hawkeye. Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free will be producing, while Kieran and Michele Mulroney will write the script.

The major has set its sights on Bert & Bertie after an excellent collaboration in the series dedicated to Hawk eye. Despite the good relations, the two directors still had to give life to a high-profile presentation on how they would manage and make a production like that of Big Thunder Mountainconvincing the executives.

The attraction opened its doors at Disneyland Anaheim in 1979 and then in Orlando. She then landed in Tokyo and then in Paris.

Big Thunder Mountain: the legend

As other films based on the most famous attractions demonstrate, the adaptations are very free, so the same will happen with the film in question, but here is what the legend related to Big Thunder Mountain tells.

Legend has it that a supernatural force hides in the heart of the mountain. When gold was discovered in the 19th century, a mining company was founded that soon was the protagonist of gruesome events.

The miners heard sinister noises, the landslides became more and more constant and the work tools suddenly stopped working. The trains left without a driver running all the way through the mine and around the mountain and so word got around that the mine was haunted, leading Thunder Mesa to become a ghost town.

Years later, when the stories of the witnesses had become just legends, new gold diggers revived the Mining Company and returned to create explosions in the haunted mountain. But soon they too were able to discover that some of the legends told were true.

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