Bill Gates on the future of the pandemic. He spoke about the Omikron

Bill Gates responded on Twitter to a number of questions regarding the pandemic. Microsoft’s founder shared his predictions about the Omikron variant, vaccines, and also spoke about placing the chips under the skin.

Bill Gates is a frequent speaker on the coronavirus pandemic. As a co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he has already spent billions of dollars because of her. In a Twitter thread, Gates spoke to Professor Devi Sridhar. There were some interesting answers.

The most interesting question for us in two years was at the end of the entire conversation. Devi Sridhar asked when the pandemic will end and whether Omikron proves that COVID-19 is viable, or should we be afraid of new variants that may appear in 2022 as a result of further mutations of the virus.

Bill Gates: metaverse meetings will soon be our daily routine

Bill Gates: metaverse meetings will soon be our daily routine

“Experiencing the Omikron variant will be a challenge for health systems in individual countries. Most severe cases will be in unvaccinated people. Once the omicron has passed through a country, there should be much less cases in the rest of the year, so COVID can be treated more like seasonal flu. “- commented Bill Gates.

Another question that Gates was confronted with was whether there was a worse variant than the Omikron. According to the founder of Microsoft, it is unlikely that we will meet a more contagious strain of the coronavirus. However, he emphasizes that the pandemic has surprised us many times.

An omicron could have evolved from a mouse.  New research results

An omicron could have evolved from a mouse. New research results

“Omicron will build up a lot of immunity, at least for next year. @Trvrb follows genetics very well. We may have to vaccinate against covid every year for a while.”

Gates also commented on the origins of the coronavirus. He notes that, according to the available data, the virus has passed on to humans from a “different species”, which he believes is the cause of most of the pandemic. Bill Gates says we should invest in preparing laboratories for possible future pandemics from other animal species.

One of the questions that was asked was about disinformation and conspiracy theories. Bill Gates laughed at them. He mentioned that some suspect him of chipping people. In his opinion, this theory makes no sense at all. “Why would I want to do this?” – He asked.

Disadvantages of vaccines according to Bill Gates

Gates appreciates current vaccines for protecting against severe disease and death, but two more things are still missing.

‘First, they are still infectious (‘ breakthrough ‘) and their duration seems limited. We need vaccines that will prevent reinfection and will work for years to come.’

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