Bill Gates on the Omicron: It will create a lot of resistance next year

CNBC relies on an exchange of views Gates, whom he calls a “public health advocate”, on Twitter with the head of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, Prof. Devi Sridhar.

According to Gates “Omikron will develop high resistance next year”.

He added that if a sufficient part of the country managed to maintain some level of concurrent immunity against CovidWhether it is vaccine-induced or otherwise, the spread of the virus may be slowed down long enough to the pandemic has passed into its endemic phase.

– Perhaps for a while we will have to take shots against each year Covid, as well as against the flu he explained Gates.

In an online debate with Sridhar, he noted that as long as Omicron persists, unvaccinated people will continue to experience the “worst cases” of COVID-19. Health care systems around the world will face the challenge, he added, due to the extremely high infectivity of this variant.

CNBC points out that Microsoft’s founder is not the first to make predictions about an end to pandemic. According to some experts, it spreads quickly Omicronwhile certainly dangerous, it could equip enough people with the so-called “natural immunity”, which will put COVID-19 into a much less severe “endemic” phase.

However, Gates does not rule out another possible scenario according to which another variant coronavirus it may be more severe or transferred in a different way than before. In his opinion, this is rather unlikely, but not impossible.

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