Bill Gates: “The vaccines are missing two things.” About the microchip theory: why should I do this?

Devi Sridhar, professor at the University of Edinburgh and director of the Global Health Governance Program during a Twitter Q&A interviewed one of the world’s most influential men about the pandemic, vaccination and social health. During the 45-minute conversation, Bill Gates presented his opinion on vaccines.

Vaccines and Bill Gates

“The vaccines we have available are very good at preventing severe disease and death, but they are missing two key things. First, they still allow infections, and their duration seems to be limited. We need vaccines that prevent reinfection and have many years of operation, quotes Gates from Geekwire.

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Is it safe for an asymptomatically infected person with COVID-19 to receive the vaccine?

Bill Gates on anti-vaccine theories and microchips

When the topic of vaccines appeared during the conversation, there was also a question about anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. Ever since the coronavirus began to spread around the world, the name of Bill Gates has been appearing in anti-vaccine theories. He has even been accused of causing a pandemic and of “deliberately trying to implant chips in people.” Of course, these theses have nothing to do with the truth, but are readily propagated by anti-vaccine activists.

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– People like me and Anthony Fauci (chief medical adviser to the President of the United States) have often been the target of a lot of fake news. I did not expect that. Some of them, like the one that I put chips in my arms, don’t make sense to me – why should I do this? One of the main problems of the pandemic is disinformation on Facebook and other platforms regarding vaccines, masks, etc., explained Bill Gates.

Omicron and annual vaccinations

During the discussion, Gates said he thought the chance of another more infectious strain emerging after the omicron variant was minimal. However, he added, “we have already been surprised many times during the pandemic.”

According to Gates, omicron is to be not only the last such a dangerous variant of the coronavirus, but also a “good security” for the future. According to the multi-billionaire, this variant can create good resilience for the next year. Nevertheless, he predicts that we will have annual COVID vaccinations in the coming years.

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