“Billie Eilish: A Slightly Hazy World”

The Billie Eilish phenomenon continues. Despite the fact that she has only released one album, and her career began in earnest in 2018, we already get a documentary in which Eilish is the main character. And it is an excellent documentary.

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When I sat down to watch the movie “Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy” on Apple TV + I was afraid if, taking into account such a short period of Billie Eilish’s experience in the mass consciousness, we would find enough interesting material in it. My fears only grew when I noticed that this document was as long as 140 minutes. But after about a quarter of an hour, I don’t know when, I knew that these fears were unfounded.

The makers of Billie Eilish: A Slightly Hazy World came to her life with cameras at the perfect moment. The movie, after the introduction, in which we see the first moments right after her first song Ocean Eyes became a hit, at the beginning he looks at the process of creating Eilish’s debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. What we read from the news or heard in the interviews, we now see with our own eyes – Billie really wrote all the songs for this album with her brother in his room.

And just for filming this process, the authors of the documentary “Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy” have a big plus for me.

Composing music, writing lyrics and putting it all together is, at least for me, a fascinating and somewhat mystical process. In movies or documentaries about musicians, however, he is rarely shown to us. In the case of Apple TV + production, we can take a close look at how Bille, along with brother Finneas, step by step put together the pieces that we all know and love today.

Then, we successively watch how her career begins to take more and more turns. More concerts, the premiere of his debut album, a tour in Europe, then rising fame, a performance with Jimmy Kimmel or at Coachella, up to the Grammy Awards. And in the breaks between this media madness, we watch Eilish in the family home, joking or complaining while talking to loved ones, sitting in the room or in the garden, which in no way fit our ideas about the life of a pop star who has millions of followers on Instagram and hundreds of millions of sold tracks.

The whole Eilish family eagerly let the cameras into their modest house in Los Angeles, thanks to which we are able to visit the world of the young artist for a moment, spend some time in her room, garden, with her parents, and also in her head.

This, in turn, brings us to the main character herself.

Billie Eilish is a character so charismatic, eluding boring patterns, colorful, a bit from another world and his own cartoon-dark fairy tale, that I really quickly stopped being surprised that the discussed documentary about the last two years of her life lasts almost two and a half hours.

Eilish is such an original person, in addition with characteristic and even more expressive psychophysical problems (he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome) that at times it seems as if she was a fictional character created for the needs of the audience by a prolific writer . Let’s add to all of this her own imagination, incredible talent and sense of style, which perfectly suited the tastes of today’s youth, and before your eyes you will see a real phenomenon and the artistic power of nature. In order to fully embrace her personality, not so much a movie would be useful, but a series of at least one season.

The great advantage of the documentary “Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy” is also the skillful catching of contrasts by its authors. We are looking at a modest girl, full of complexes and self-insecurity, who, in the privacy of her absolutely ordinary and also modest room, creates songs that become global hits. Every now and then Eilish moves from his humble thresholds to the arenas of the world. Everyone talks about her performances, she is on billboards all over the United States. But at the same time, she is also a classic outsider, bringing together all the anxieties, fears and neuroses of the entire generation of today’s teenagers.

We do not often have the opportunity to watch documented origin story pop stars. Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy is just such a valuable material.

It shows how much and at the same time not much changes in life when fame occurs. Especially when she comes across a person who hasn’t been programmed to be famous, but simply a side effect of her colorful, artistic soul. In the film, of course, there was also space for the backstage of Eilish’s concerts, making of clip to a song when the party’s over; We also get quite a few snippets of her performances, and some of them turn out to be really moving. This is definitely a welcome bonus, especially for fans.

Most of all, however, “Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy” beats honesty, which, despite many intentions, does not always come out in documentaries. It is a must-have for fans. And for everyone else, probably the best way to finally find out what the Billie Eilish phenomenon actually is. First-class document!

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