Billie Eilish – About herself – Billie Eilish – book review

Author: Mikołaj Lipkowski
May 17, 2021

I love Billie Eilish. I personally say that she is currently one of the most talented artists of the 21st century. I really liked the movie The world is slightly hazywho introduced us to the singer’s life. Unfortunately, often in order to earn on the wave of popularity of a given celebrity, various gadgets are released, and in this case – books.

I knew I was signing up for a photobook, but thought it would be something like Iron Maiden – The complete unauthorized history of the beast, which shows us the stories of a British band (with a huge amount of text, archival photos, posters or gadgets) or Exotic. Interview River., about a trip around the world that Quebonafide took. Unfortunately, the worst happened. About himself – Billie Eilishis a book that offers us only photos. I understand that Billie did it on purpose because, as she says herself, she loves photography. Yes, we have a few words from the author herself, as well as photo captions explaining the context, but these are vague information.

It is simply a creation to earn as much as possible for popularity (I will add that a campaign promoting the new album has recently started). After Kiss can release “air guitar strings” that are “invisible” (they are not really there. They really released it), why not publish a photo biography? Yes, sometimes a photo says more than a thousand words, but I just felt disgusted by “reading” this book. After all, I enjoyed reading these several dozen sentences, and Billie wrote it in a very youthful style, using phrases such as “LOL” or “LMAO”.

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However, you probably have two questions – can you learn anything from this book? – and also – is it worth buying? – At first, I can answer yes. We don’t have too much text there and the adventure with the book is exhausting, but among other things, it shows the relationship with your family, especially with Phineas, in a nice way. We also show her the problems she struggled with during concerts, such as her leg disease or difficult relationships with friends. It’s harder for me to answer the second. If you are a huge fan of Billie Eilish, if you collect her CDs, kiss her poster every day before going to bed and have a “I love Billie” tattoo, this is the item for you. On the other hand, if you are not eager to have this book, you like the artist, but nothing else – well. It is not a mandatory item. Mainly aimed at psychophans who collect everything they can with her.

To sum up. Here we have a lot of great pictures to please the eye, but we have almost no text. You can learn many things from these photos, but I just felt disgusted that for the price of PLN 80, I got really little from the author. Well, the photos are beautiful, but the item is specifically aimed at die-hard fans.

Billie Eilish

book cover About myself – Billie Eilish

Author: Billie Eilish
Title: About myself – Billie Eilish
Publisher: SQN Publishing House
Translation: Victoria Kalinowska, Aleksandra Kiera
Number of pages: 336
Grade: 50/100

Introduction Illustration: Billie Eilish Book Cover – About Himself

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