Billie Eilish again comments on the paparazzi scandal

19 years old Billie Eilish is currently one of the biggest pop stars. The singer and songwriter is distinguished not only by her characteristic, but also carefully thought-out image.

The singer deliberately wears too large and very loose clothes for no one to comment on what she looks like.

Recently, however, she has decided to break with the traditional image. The singer dyed her hair blonde and took part in a bold session for the British “Vogue”, posing in her underwear.

“Do what makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to wear whatever clothes you want. If you want to have surgery, go ahead. Because if you feel good, you look good,” Billie Eilish said, adding that its visual transformation is the best gift in the world.

It was in the same interview that Eilish returned to the October 2020 case, when her hidden photos hit the network.

One of the internet users maliciously wrote that the singer turned into a 30-year-old mom within 10 months. This and other similar comments caused quite a stir. Internet users and some journalists decided that the 18-year-old fell victim to bodyshaming, especially since the star caught near her home looks like an ordinary teenager.

On Instagram, she wrote briefly: “What can we standardize real bodies with?”.

Eilish spoke about the photos of paparazzi in a December interview with “Vanity Fair”. “People saw it and said, ‘Shit, Billie’s put on weight!’ And I was like, ‘No, that’s what I look like, you’ve just never seen it before!’ – she said.

In an interview with “Vogue” the 19-year-old clarified her position and pointed out that she had a problem not only with critics of her appearance. She added that she was “more offended” by those who praised her body.

“I felt deeply offended when people wrote ‘good for her that she feels comfortable in her bigger body’. Jesus Christ. Good for me?

“The more Internet users care about someone who does something they are not used to, the more they put it on a high pedestal and only make it worse” – she added.

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