Billie Eilish appeared on the rooftop on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Billie Eilish appeared on the rooftop on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Billie Eilish performed one of her latest hits on the rooftop of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on the Jimmy Kimel show. Billie in the performance of “Happier Tha Ever” was of course accompanied by her brother Finneas. You can watch the recording below.

And yes, about the latest Billie album, Artur Szklarczyk wrote in his review:

The greatest generation star of our time returns with the second album, which with its extremely coherent musical layer will surprise some and intrigue others. The surprise, however, is not the personal, emotional and perverse (which is suggested by the title of the album itself) the singer’s message – contained in the premiere, personal lyrics on “Happier Than Ever”. They are about isolation, loneliness and social maladjustment – so common today among young people, but not only. All this is muttering or whispered casually. Fans will be delighted!

But have you heard the story of the second album syndrome before? About an attempt to deal with the size of the debut album, recording something – if not better, then certainly not out of line with the previous release? This story also applies to Billie Eilish, who, while recording the sequel to the phenomenal “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” (2019), faced an extremely difficult sentence of meeting the expectations of fans and critics. But in the case of such a sincere – in terms of lyrics – and musically surprising with its non-obvious “Happier Than Ever”, can we speak of any rivalry? Willing to please anyone but yourself? Listening to the second studio album of the American, you can get the impression that this conscious, although only 19-year-old artist not only does not race with anyone, but even sets the rules of the game on her own terms. Instead of racing against the size of her debut, Eilish takes an artistic leap to the side.

Someone will say that it’s easy not to compromise like this, because she has a huge amount of trust among her fans – especially from her peer group, but also probably a few years younger listeners. Of course – Billie has been the voice of a generation since his debut EP “Don’t Smile At Me” (2017), which he owes to his honesty. Teenagers believe in its authenticity and trust it completely. And it is an excellent fuel that allows you not to watch the expectations of the crowds and make music on your own terms. That is why “Happier Than Ever” gives the impression of an album recorded without compromise, which does not immediately impress – mainly due to the dramaturgy of the disc and vocal solutions – but with time it steals the heart like the most cunning thief!

A lot of free, electro-pop “dreams” here – based on a simple (but not crude) rhythm, sparingly arranged, and stylistically stretched somewhere between sleepy (“Getting Older”) and sensual (“I Didn’t Change My Number”) ballads in the style of Lana del Rey (“my future”). Sometimes it is conquered by a stronger, dance beat (“Oxytocin”, “GOLDWING”), but the vocal layer is invariably dominated by purrs and whispers. Listening to this album again, I even had the impression that in some moments (“Lost Cause”) you can hear echoes of Tricky’s stoned trip hop. This is the mood of the first part of the album, which starts to change with the next songs. And here we have a kind of Bond, film (“Everybody Dies”) and folk atmosphere (“Your Power”). And at the end, a strong sequence of singles, the best firecrackers in this set: “NDA”, “Therefore I Am” and “Happier Than Ever”.

– The (great) end is crowned by a (successful) work – one can say about this non-obvious album. It confirms the class and genius of the young author, who – as if in passing – was cast as the voice of a generation, but – which is fascinating and delightful at the same time – carries this burden with great responsibility and grace.

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