Billie Eilish changed her image. She faced harsh criticism

Her recent radical metamorphosis of style has been widely commented on in the media – usually very positively. However, not all fans Billie Eilish they accepted her new style. The singer herself revealed in an interview for the American edition of the monthly “Elle” that the change she has undergone in recent months arouses both admiration and opposition.

For some of her fans, everything was fine when Billie looked like she was at the March Grammy Gala, where she had black hair with aquamarine roots, an oversize suit and a hat with the same expressive design. Eilish has got her fans used to this image in recent years. Everything she wore was too big, baggy, weird, and that style became her trademark.

However, when a few days after the Grammy gala she presented her new hairstyle in a shade of platinum blonde on Instagram, her social media was completely crazy. And when she showed photos from the session for the American “Vogue”, in which she appeared in close-fitting corsets and dresses, she broke another record on Instagram, because she received over five million hearts from followers in the first five minutes after publishing the post.

In the interview accompanying this session, the star spoke a lot about how important it is for her to accept her body. She urged people not to give in to pressure or fashion for a specific appearance or shape of the figure. She emphasized that body shaming affects many young women and that it is a huge problem these days.

As it turns out, she herself did not avoid this type of behavior on the part of Internet users. Since her breakthrough session for “Vogue”, the singer began to experiment with her style. She released a line of scaled sweatpants reminiscent of the “old” Billie, and a few days later she presented a selfie in a corset emphasizing her prominent breasts.

These experiments did not appeal to many of her fans, and the most controversial was the photos in the corset. “People are attached to their associations and memories. But it’s very dehumanizing,” the singer said now in an interview with “Elle”. She also revealed that some of the disappointed fans stopped following her on social media. “I lost 100,000 followers just because of tits. People are afraid of big tits,” said the singer.

However, it did not end there. Eilish revealed that there has been a lot of hate about her appearance in the comments under her posts since then. Billie Eilish commented on the hateful entries of Internet users about the styling Madonna. “Women should be able to dress any way they want. If Billie were a man, no one would write about it,” said the singer.

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