Billie Eilish criticizes ‘obsession’ with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as US repeals abortion law Rolling Stone

Billie Eilish spoke about controversial ‘TV’ lyrics and concern about women’s rights to have control of their own bodies

Billie Eilish released a song entitled “TV” in early June, which seemed to refer to the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. At the same time, the US Supreme Court ruled to repeal the abortion law, but the actors’ lawsuit gained more attention. According to CinemaBlend, Eilish he wasn’t happy with how the news went.

in the lyrics of “TV,” Eilish don’t quote depp or amber, only talks about a trial and the law that legalized abortion in the country. “The internet went crazy watching movie stars on trial / While they’re taking down Roe vs Wade,” sang. In an interview with NMEthe singer spoke about the feelings that inspired the song:

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“I was in this state of depression, losing my own rights to my own body, and then I would go on the internet and people were giving their opinion on this judgment. Who cares? Women are losing rights over their bodies, so why are we talking about celebrity divorce trials? Who gives a damn? Let them find out on their own. The internet bothers me sometimes…,” he said.

The trial of the case between the actors lasted about six weeks. depp won the defamation suit against his ex-wife in the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia, USA. The jury found that the actress should pay $15 million to the actor.

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The defamation lawsuit filed against the actress is based on an article she wrote in 2018 for the newspaper. The Washington Post. In it, the artist does not cite depp, but claims to be a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

What happened to the abortion law in the US?

The United States Supreme Court suspended, on June 24, the decision known as Roe v Wade, which guaranteed the right to abortion. Now, constitutional law no longer supports this practice.

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Abortion rights will be determined by US states unless Congress acts. Nearly half of the states have laws banning the procedure, while some have enacted measures to legalize abortion.

The Roe v Wade Act was created in 1973, following a 7-2 decision, which legalized a woman’s right to abort under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. The information is from CNN Brazil.

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