Billie Eilish defends ex boyfriend! 7: AMP has been mistreated by its fans?

Billie Eilish
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The world-famous Billie Eilish achieved success very quickly and at a very young age. Despite this, she showed maturity and kept some of her life to herself. It wasn’t until now that we found out that Billie Eilish had a boyfriend. The star did not say it herself, but journalists deduced that it was rapper 7: AMP. Now the singer appeals to her fans to be nice.

Recently, a documentary about Billie Eilish was published. From The World’s a Little Blurry, published by AppleTV, we learned a lot of new things about the world’s most famous teenager.

Even though Billie Eilish is one of the most popular female singers and her songs have been showered with awards, it’s hard to call her a celebrity. The artist protects her privacy and does not reveal details about her love life very often. Only the documentary about Billie Eilish revealed that the star had a boyfriend.

Although Billie Eilish did not reveal the name, the media recognized that it was rapper 7: AMP (Brandon Quention Adams). The singer mentioned the reasons for the separation. Billie Eilish was not happy and thought they wanted something different from life. And although she did not mention the drama or the broken heart with the fans it can be different …

Billie Eilish defends her ex boyfriend

Fans can do damage in good faith at times. Remember when Beyonce gave the woman Jay-Z was talking to during a match? She would later receive threats from overzealous Queen Bey fans!

To avoid such a situation, Billie Eilish appealed to fans on Instagram. After the Billie Eilish documentary came out, the world found out that her ex boyfriend was 7: AMP.

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Remember to be nice to people no matter what! I love you, thank you for protection, but be nice !!

She wrote to 77 million followers.

A nice move!

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