Billie Eilish defends the turkeys! “46 million are lost every Thanksgiving”

There is no doubt that Billie Eilish has a great influence on fans thanks to her popularity. The star appealed to them on Thanksgiving, when turkey is traditionally served. Billie Eilish stands up for them and reports that around 46 million animals are being killed during this time.

This year’s Thanksgiving is today. It is an important day in the USA, full of tradition. One of them is roasting turkey. For this reason, huge amounts of animals are sold in the country during this period. This, of course, raises heated discussions about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Billie Eilish is her big fan. Her entire family doesn’t eat meat. It is because of the beliefs that we have female singers. Maggie Baird mentioned raising her family to be vegetarian. She avoided meat herself in the 1970s and later became vegan.

On Thanksgiving, Billie Eilish reminded fans that turkeys are gentle animals.


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Billie Eilish in defense of turkeys

The star has been on a plant-based diet for a long time. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, she decided to speak.

Turkeys are among the gentlest creatures in the world, and 46 million of them die every Thanksgiving. I know it’s hard to change a tradition, but remember that.

She wrote Billie Eilish on Instagram.

The singer has published a photo of hugging a turkey.

Will it give food for thought to its fans? After all, it was Billie Eilish who persuaded the house of Oscar de La Renta to give up natural fur!

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