Billie Eilish doesn’t like being alone

Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish doesn’t like being alone

The creator of the hit “everything i wanted” admitted that she likes to have her “autonomy”, but does not like to be alone. The star has a lot of “strange and irrational fears,” so she prefers to spend time with her parents.

She said, “I don’t like being alone. I like anonymity, autonomy, but I go crazy when I’m alone. I hate this. I have a lot of stalkers and there are many people who would like to hurt me. I am also afraid of the dark and what is under the beds and sofas. I have many strange and irrational fears. That is why I spend a lot of time at my parents’ house. I just love my parents and their home. ”

Billie admitted that she sometimes gets irritated with her family and that she likes horseback riding in order to de-stress.

Talking about how she deals with stress, she added: “I ride horses and it gives me a lot of adrenaline, takes a lot of strength and is exhausting. It helps me de-stress. I’m less angry and less emotional since I got back to it. My family can upset me. My family is like any other family. There is anger and love, so it levels off. ”

Billie tries to be a hassle-free person at work and doesn’t want to be seen as a diva.

In an interview with The Guardian, she said: “I try very hard to be polite at work. Sometimes people act like idiots and you have to say, “Hey, you’re acting like an idiot.”

“But I never throw things or yell at anyone. I love working with people. “

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