Billie Eilish has a Marcin Maciejczak album? It’s beautiful fans

Billie Eilish and Marcin Maciejczak
Author: EastNews: Anthony Behar / Sipa USA, VIPHOTO

Billie Eilish and Marcin Maciejczak have a lot in common. It is, of course, about a great love for music and a fantastic timbre of voice, which is admired by many people. Now the premiere of Marcin’s album is fast approaching, and a photo has appeared on the web that attracted the attention of Internet users. Is Billie Eilish the owner of Marcin Maciejczak’s album ?!

Marcin Maciejczak is a boy known all over Poland, while Billie Eilish is popular all over the world. Nevertheless, the two share a love for music, as well as the timbre of their voice, which makes a person rest and relax after fasting. The premiere of Marcin Maciejczak’s debut album, which will take place on June 11, 2021, is approaching fast. The young artist’s album is called Tamte dni and, interestingly, it has a lot of songs that many people have already heard. In addition to the artist’s solo numbers, there will also be two duets – the first with Luna, and the second with Natalia Nykiel. Their song Ciepły Front enchanted Polish listeners, and the cooperation turned out to be a hit!

As if that were not enough, Marcin is also getting ready for his first concert. It will take place at the beginning of summer holidays on June 29, during the Summer in Praga event in Warsaw. What about Billie Eilish then? Did the American star get the first album of the winner of The Voice Kids?

Marcin Maciejczak sings in the Warm Front room. There has never been such a performance!

Billie Eilish has a Marcin Maciejczak album ?!

Has Billie Eilish become the owner of the album Tamte dni? It would certainly be a historic event, as well as a dream come true for Marcin Maciejczak! Unfortunately, the American singer is not the owner of his novelties. Plywood appeared on Instagram, which was created by a fan of a young artist. The picture shows Billie Eilish hugging Marcin Maciejczak’s CD. The photo looks authentic and was taken by Billie, however, this is just a creative idea by the user of the color application. Below you can see how real this photo looks – Marcin made it available on his InstaStories, and fans comment that it is something really beautiful!

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