Billie Eilish has a new hairstyle. What does the star look like now?

Billie Eilish’s new hairstyle

Billie Eillish known not only for brilliant music that won the hearts of fans around the world, but also for her expressive image. For a long time, the hallmark of a 7th Grammy Award winner was a black hairstyle with neon spots. It was a big shock when the singer decided not only to use a natural, but also a uniform color.

Long hair in a shade of warm blonde made Billie Eilish fans compare her to Lady Gaga. It turns out that this hairstyle is a thing of the past. This time the singer decided not to change the color, but definitely shortened her strands.

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Billie Eilish in short hair

The star opted for a short bob with fringe. The effects of the hairdresser’s actions Billie revealed that the inspiration for the hairstyle was her mother’s hairstyle from years ago. The new haircut immediately appealed to her fans: “pretty, pretty, pretty”, “I have to show it to my hairdresser”, “gorgeous” – fans wrote.

There were also questions about the next metamorphosis of the star. Although Billie did not respond to the inquisitive comments of fans, knowing the singer, it can be assumed that she will surprise her fans more than once.

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