Billie Eilish has been wearing a wig for the past two months! Getting back to blonde wasn’t that easy

Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish surprised everyone when she showed up in the blonde version. She decided to forgo her characteristic green hair. The new color is a desire to present yourself in a more subtle version. After the first shock of the new hairstyle passed, Billie decided to talk about the backstage of creating a more natural hair color. It wasn’t easy!

The hallmark Billie Eilish there was green-black hair. They became so popular that many teenagers dreamed of becoming like a singer. Now the young artist has decided to say goodbye to the controversial image in favor of the more natural one. Few people know, but Billie was born blonde! Although experts are already saying that it will be difficult for her to return to a completely natural color, now she is closer to it than having green hair.

Billie Eilish became a blonde! This is a total change

The blonde photo of Billie that appeared on Instagram made a real sensation. Internet users immediately fell in love with the new look of the 19-year-old. Now the singer reveals the backstage of creating a new color.

Billie Eilish told her hair story on TikTok. It turns out that she has been forced to wear a green wig for the past two months. She wanted to show the fans the final version of the bright color, but to be able to enjoy the perfect look, she had to be patient.

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Everyone who has lightened their hair knows well that this is a very difficult task. So the specialists had to take care of the singer’s hair properly so as not to damage it, and this took some time …

Anyway, it was worth it, Billie in the blonde version looks really great. After all, nature cannot be deceived … 😉

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