Billie Eilish in an unusual creation. Did you know he has a tattoo on his leg?

Billie Eilish
Author: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / East News

Billie Eilish caught the attention of others from the very beginning, when she stormed the music market. Fans paid attention not only to her artistic achievements, but also to stylizations, which are very original. So it is quite rare to see a singer in elegant clothes.

Billie Eilish She quickly gained a group of loyal fans who were delighted not only with music, but also with her stylizations. For a long time, the media and fans have been wondering why a young music star always chooses bulky clothes.

Billie herself once revealed that baggy clothes protect her from judgment and sexualization. Thanks to this, no one will judge her. Clever!

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Over time, however, Billie began to show a little more, and finally there were big galas that she could not miss. And there, of course, Eilish didn’t show up in bulky clothes.

On the Instagram of the young singer, her photo appeared in a delightful creation. Mega long, red dress with a deep cut on the leg made an impression. Fans were delighted not only with the dress itself, but also with the tattoo on the thigh. Did you know Billie has one?

The photo comes from a photo shoot for Time magazine. Billie Eilish was included in the list of some of the most influential people in the world!

How do you like it?

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