Billie Eilish in Short Hair – She bets on a shaggy bob cut!

Billie Eilish again focuses on changes in her image.

Billie Eilish in Short Hair - She bets on a shaggy bob cut!

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Billie Eilish in Short Hair – She bets on a shaggy bob cut!

Over the past few months, Billie Eilish has undergone a major image change. Until recently, one of her recognizable signs was her hair in a shade of neon green. The artist decided to say goodbye to her current appearance and opted for a very light, platinum blonde. This change surprised her fans a lot. But that’s not all, because the artist has just published a photo on social media where she is posing in a new hairstyle. This is a cut called a shaggy bob. What does it look like?

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Billie Eilish in a new hairstyle. He puts on a cut – shaggy bob

Bob is a universal haircut and despite the ever-changing trends in hair styling, it remains number one. Many celebrities have opted for this classic hair cut. Billie has just joined the group of bob lovers. The star, however, opted for a slightly different, refreshed version. Instead of a straight, even cut, she chose shaded strands. Thanks to this, her hair gained lightness and extra volume.

Billie has proven many times that shaded strands are her favorite style. Even when she was wearing a black and green color, her hair was not of equal length. Thanks to the layers, the original coloring gained a three-dimensional effect. Fans loved the artist for her original appearance and music, thanks to which she gained great popularity. Now the singer wears a plain, light blonde, but the love of shaded strands remains.

The latest hairstyle called shaggy bob is a new take on the classic cut. The unequal length gives the hair a relaxed look and fullness. How do you like this cut?

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