Billie Eilish is afraid of posting on the web. All because of the cover of “Vogue”

Billie Eilish, who has just received the BRIT Award for Best Foreign Solo Artist, recently stunned her fans with an impressive visual makeover for a photo shoot for UK magazine “Vogue”.

The author of the hit “Bad Guy”So far, famous for its fondness for baggy, eccentric clothes tightly covering her figure, appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine in a completely different version – wearing a tight corset, shiny skirt and long transparent gloves. She also presented a new hairstyle that fans compared to the characteristic hairstyle Dolly Parton.

In an interview given to the magazine, the singer appealed to her fans not to worry about the opinions of others and not build their self-esteem based on them. “Showing your body or covering it up shouldn’t take your respect away. Do what you want and what makes you feel good. If you want to undergo surgery, do it. If you want to wear a dress that others think will make you look fat. “fuck it. If you feel that you look good in something, it means you look good,” Eilish said.

The publication has already broken all popularity records. It is enough to mention that a million users liked the photo of the cover posted on Instagram in just six minutes. At the moment, the artist’s post has well over 16 million likes.

The visual transformation of the star divided her fans – while some admire the feminine and sexy incarnation of the young singer, others point out that it remains inconsistent with the image she has promoted so far, for which she has been loved by millions of recipients.

The interested person herself does not hide her astonishment at the confusion surrounding her photographs on the cover of “Vogue”. “The day these photos came out was insanely weird. When I posted the photo on Instagram, I immediately saw articles titled Billie Eilish broke the photo record with the most likes in the shortest time, and when I posted another photo with this session, there is again news about another record I broke. The whole situation is simply surreal “- confessed the star, hosting the program” The Late Show “.

Although she is flattered by the publication’s popularity, Eilish is clearly intimidated by her. As she revealed in an interview with Stephen Colbert, she is now afraid to post anything on the web. “It definitely is amazing. But to tell you the truth, I’m a bit afraid to post something on social media. I got the feeling that I wanted to do it more when I knew that fewer people care about it. And now, when I see how many people she closely follows my posts, I feel terrified. Excited but also terrified “- emphasized the artist.

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