Billie Eilish is glad she is not Britney Spears. “It’s really terrible”

“It’s really terrible what many young women have had to go through, and probably what they are still going through,” said Eilish, when asked how she relates to the ongoing judicial battle she has been waging for months. Spears.

The artist also added that the situation of her older colleague is very complicated. “I’ve never had people around me to take advantage of me, and this is really rare. I know how screwed up this is, so I’m so grateful that I had a group of good people around me,” Eilish admitted.

The singer also added that at the beginning of her career, she received a lot of very valuable advice from older colleagues who already knew the dark sides of fame. He was among them Justin Bieber.

“I wanted to protect her, I did not want her to go through what I went through” – confessed the Canadian singer in one of the interviews.

In the aforementioned “Vogue” interview, Eilish admitted that she should have taken more of this advice to heart on how to deal with sudden fame. A fame Eilish didn’t want. “I was very insecure, unsure of fame, actually I did not want her, I wanted to lead a normal life” – confessed the star.


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