Billie Eilish is NOT blonde anymore! See her metamorphosis

Billie Eilish quickly conquered the music market, making herself known as a girl in oversize clothes. However, this is a thing of the past. There is no trace of baggy clothes, but there is a sexy woman who conquers the world!

Billie Eilish from the beginning of her career, she has undergone many metamorphoses. From an insecure girl’s body, she turned into a sexy woman who likes to show charms. It is true that her transformation has not met with complete acceptance, the artist does not look at it, but boldly wades forward.

Her hair has also undergone a metamorphosis many times. Long green-black hair was her trademark. Then she turned a subtle blonde.

Yes Billie Eilish has changed over the years. Listen to a unique interview

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Now going back to basics again? Well, maybe not entirely, but on Instagram we can admire Billie in a completely new hair color. Blond is a thing of the past.

– she asked, adding a photo of herself with dark-colored hair. Better than in the blond?


What do you think about her image change?

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