Billie Eilish: Justin Bieber is “the sweetest baby ever”

Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber is still one of the hottest names in the music industry. He started his career years ago and managed to gather a large group of female fans. One of them is Billie Eilish, another golden child of show business. The couple met and made friends. In a new interview, the artist tells a bit about their relationship and calls Justin Bieber “the sweetest baby in the world”.

Billie Eilish is a true phoneme of the music industry in recent years. The teenager has already won the most important awards and international fame. She has just released another album – Happier then ever and is in the process of promoting it. And that means a lot of interviews.

In one of the last days, Billie Eilish touched on the subject of her friend. He, too, became a teenager’s idol at a very young age. Justin Bieber, because we are talking about him, is not only Billie Eilish’s idol, but also her fan and friend.

The singer did not spare him warm words!


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Billie Eilish in cute words about Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a real veteran when it comes to show business. Billie Eilish appreciates his experience and enjoys using it:

This is my good friend. He has been so helpful to me when it comes to dealing with fame. Sometimes she calls me up and just says things that make me feel heard and like there’s someone else going through the same things. So it’s really nice to have one.

This was Billie Eilish on SiriusXM The Morning Mashup.

Besides, the singer added that Justin Bieber is “the sweetest baby in the world”. Billie Eilish confessed that she just loves him!

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