Billie Eilish mad at Jennifer Lopez? What happened at the VMA?

Regardless of the phrase that is often used in the media, celebrities are nothing like mere mortals. We don’t know what motivates them, what makes them happy or what makes them crazy. Jennifer Lopez took the stage at the VMA Gala to the cheers and enthusiastic applause of the audience, but the cameras chose someone else to portray the situation. And it was singer Billie Eilish.

Why did this happen? Eilish was caught staring out into space. When JLo went on stage, the young singer did not clap and smile. Keen-eyed observers quickly realized that Eilish was doing more than just refraining from reacting.

You have to watch THIS video of Billie Eilish. It has a strong message!

One fan tweeted: “Why does Billie Eilish look pissed off when JLo takes the stage, what did she have against her?” Another added, “She wasn’t clapping or smiling. I definitely noticed that. ” A third wrote, “Why is Billie Eilish looking at JLo so weird?”

The apparent affront was all the more surprising as in 2020 both artists had the opportunity to meet face to face and captured the meeting in photos. They also exchanged nice words. Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is a huge fan of Eilish. Some also speculated about the future collaboration of the singers.


Billie Eilish

You think Billie Eilish was just bored of the gala?

Whatever has happened between them since that meeting, we’ll have to wait for someone to explain what the cameras captured and clear the air of misunderstandings.

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