Billie Eilish metamorphosis. What does it look like in the new color?

Billie Eilish metamorphosis. The star loves to go crazy with hairstyles. This time, she decided to change the length and color. Fans are delighted with the new version of their idol.

Billie Eilish has been associated with music since childhood. She took her first steps when she was only 8 years old. She then joined a local choir, but her dream was a solo career. After a few years, she began writing her first songs. Despite her young age, she has achieved quite a lot. Has as many as seven of the most prestigious music awards in the world – Grammy,

Single Bad guy brought her the greatest popularity and became an international hit. He reached the top of the charts, incl. in Australia, Estonia, the United States and Russia. Billie has released two studio albums and seems to have permanently heated up a place in the music market.

Billie Eilish cut her hair and changed its color

Billie Eilish is one of the stars who love to experiment with their looks. Despite the fact that the artist has been very popular for just two years, it would be necessary to use the fingers of both hands to count her transformations. The 20-year-old had almost everything on her mind. From blond to neon colors. Today the singer surprised again.

The star is in constant contact with her fans. She regularly publishes Instagram posts and tells her what’s going on. Her profile is followed by almost 100 million people from all over the world. It was there that it showed itself in the new version for the first time. Billie had been loyal to the blonde for a long time, but apparently decided it was time for a change. She posted a new photo in which she presented herself in a black and brown shade. You can also see that a large cut has been made.

Interestingly, Eilish had a similar hairstyle at the beginning of her career. For this reason, she signed the new photo as follows:

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The comments were overwhelming. A wave of compliments fell on the artist. Internet users did not spare words of admiration:

  • Omg, you look so beautiful.
  • Beautiful Billie. You are beautiful in every way.
  • I can not stop looking. It is such a return to the beginning. Excellently!

How do you like Billie Eilish’s metamorphosis?


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