Billie Eilish on abortion: I wish more concern for men

Billie Eilish commented on the issue of abortion. The singer emphasized that she would like the men to care more about this topic.

As reported by TVN 24 BiS, at the beginning of September in Texas, the so-called “Heartbeat Act” came into force signed by Governor Greg Abbot in May 2021. Under the new laws in the state it will not be possible to have an abortion if a heartbeat is detected in the fetus.

Billie Eilish spoke on access to abortion

The heartbeat occurs in the fetus even in Week 6. Until then, a significant proportion of women do not realize that they are pregnant. An exception to the provision is to be made in cases where the pregnancy may or may not endanger the mother’s life “significantly and irreversibly impair its important bodily function”.

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Billie Eilish

The new rules introduced in Texas have met with criticism from women’s rights defenders as well as from public figures. Among the stars who oppose the restrictions is Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish accuses men of apathy

The singer shared her thoughts on the new recipes with her fans. He accuses men of apathy towards the introduction of a harmful law and she does not hide that she would like them to show greater concern for women’s rights.

I’m fucking tired. I feel sick when I think how many men are silent about women’s rights.

As reported by Insider, the artist also noted that no opinion is to speak out against women’s freedom.

If you and your colleagues or brothers aren’t bringing up Texas abortion law, chances are you are part of the problem.

Eilish highlights:

The rights to your body are yours and yours alone.

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