Billie Eilish on body relations, self-confidence and criticism

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People are afraid of big breasts. When I started exposing my body, I lost over 100,000 followers, the singer said in a recent interview.

An important element of Billie Eilish’s image is her style – from the beginning of her career, the singer wore oversized sets from Gucci, Chanel or Valentino, instead of high heels – sneakers, and her favorite accessory was large sunglasses. This look was her armor: – When I dress like this, no one can tell if I’m fat or skinny. It gives me freedom. Thanks to this, my body remains mine – she said.

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With the release of the latest album “Happier Than Ever” Billie Eilish began to experiment with looks, sometimes revealing a little more body or choosing more tailored stylizations. The greatest emotions, however, aroused her creation on the June cover of the British “Vogue” – she posed in matching underwear with a corset. In an interview with the American edition of “Elle”, she admitted that she was then hit by a huge wave of criticism – she was accused of hypocrisy and violating her own principles. Some said her fame changed her. – This approach is dehumanizing. I decide what I want to do with my body – she said.

She confessed that since she began revealing her body, she has lost 100,000 followers on Instagram. In her opinion, the reason was the bust: – It’s all because of my tits. People are afraid of big breasts – she said.

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When Eilish appeared at the MET Gala in early September in the phenomenal performance of Oscar de la Renta, she admitted that she finally felt more confident in her own body. – I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’d never felt comfortable in my skin before She told Keke Palmer. Morality defenders criticized her stylization (inspired by Marilyn Monroe) for “too deep cleavage”.

Eilish, however, does not seem to be concerned about the criticism. This is not the first time she has paid attention to the hypocrites’ judgments. During last year’s tour, the singer presented a short film where fans could see her slowly undress, stay in her underwear, and then plunge into a swimming pool. – When I wear loose fitting clothes, I am considered not to be feminine. And when I throw them off, she calls me a slut – she said in the clip. The message remains valid.

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