Billie Eilish risked her life on the set of the NDA music video! Her mom was terrified

Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish’s new music video “NDA” breaks records of popularity on YouTube. Meanwhile, the star showed on Instagram how this clip was made. Billie Eilish published photos and videos from the set of the music video. She showed, among other things, how the mother, who was present behind the scenes, reacted when her daughter was shooting a loud scene with speeding cars. It was really dangerous!

Billie Eilish attaches great importance to his music videos. The star makes sure that the clips for her songs convey her vision in 100% and are as realistic as possible. “Green boxes” and animations added on the computer? It’s not her style. AT Billie everything has to be REAL – even if it makes it really dangerous.

That’s what it was like on the set the latest Billie Eilish video “NDA”. During the filming of this clip, the artist risked her life, and there is no exaggeration in that. See for yourself – below you will find photos and video making-of from the set of the singer’s latest music video.

Billie Eilish is making a mess on TikTok. She really asked, “Who wants to lick me?”

Billie Eilish risks her life on the NDA video set

The author of the song “NDA” proved once again that the image is as important to her as the music. On the set of her latest music video, NDA Billie doubled and troubled, playing not only the role of a star, but also the director and producer of the clip.

The artist did not hesitate for a moment when it came to filming the most difficult scene – in the middle of a dark road, between speeding cars. The entire scene was shot live, with no post-production fake.

I hope you like it 🥰 (plus see my mum and team on the fifth slide going out of their minds out of fear)

Billie Eilish wrote, clearly amused with the whole situation.

We are not surprised, however, by Ms Maggie Baird. Any mother would tremble with fear watching THESE scenes!

You can see the effect of Billie Eilish and her team’s work below. Here is her latest music video “NDA”.

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