Billie Eilish says touring is ‘a crazy way to live’

One of the artists with great representation in the current world pop, the singer Billie Eilish will make history this Friday (24) when he takes the stage at the Glastonbury Festival.

she will become the youngest attraction in the festival’s history.

In a recent interview with The Sunday TimesEilish, from 20 years, told about the time she hasn’t left the house for days and how she sleeps on her tour bus, which transports her from one city to another. For her, performing in a series of shows “it’s a crazy way to live”

“It’s kind of a crazy thing a human does, on tour. It’s so unnatural for us as people to have highs and lows that low. It feels like a blur. It’s like you’re living five different lives at once, crazy, but incredible”explained Billie Eilish.

Photo: Reproduction | Instagram | @billieeilish / The Music Journal

Despite such an observation, the young singer assures that she loves performing live for her fans all over the world. But the marathon live show has given her a challenge: fighting for sunlight. She’s trying to get at least an hour or two of natural light every day, even if she “hate summer”.

“I hate the heat and I hate the sunlight, the bright sunlight. Literally every June of my life has sucked. I hate June. Do you know why? Gemini season. It’s a cursed period of time. But we’re rewriting. We’re going to have a great month. So I’m putting on dreamcatchers and doing some spells, because fuck June. And July.”ended the singer.

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