Billie Eilish shows off her new hairstyle again! She is really pleased

Billie Eilish
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Billie Eilish has recently undergone a stunning metamorphosis that will be hard for any star to beat in 2021! The singer has recently appeared in a new version with blonde hair, which caused a real frenzy on the web. Billie herself is really proud of her hairstyle – just check out her new video!

In 2019 Billie Eilish made her bright green hair her hallmark. The singer’s fans from all over the world copied the idol’s look for months and posted their photos with a dyed hairstyle on the web. A little over a year later, Billie decided it was time to say goodbye to teenage madness on her head and recently wowed everyone with elegant blonde hair.

Billie Eilish hit the TOP 10 photos on Instagram! The world fell in love with her blonde …

The first photo Billie Eilish blonde hair made a real sensation on the web. The photo beat the pace in gaining millions of likes and hit the list of the ten most popular photos on Instagram.

Billie Eilish in blonde hair

Later it turned out that the transition from black and green hair to blonde required a lot of treatments, which must have been realized by every hairdresser who looked at the photo Billie Eilish in a new hairstyle. The star was wearing a wig for two months, and her hairdressers discolored her hair to achieve the blonde she wanted.

Eska XD # 019 – life like in a series

No wonder now Billie Eilish proudly presents her new hairstyle. Now a new video has hit her Instagram, in which she presents her new look like a professional model. The 19-year-old straightened her hair this time. How do you like it?

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