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In Manchester, Billie Eilish revealed unreleased music alongside her brother, Finneas O’Connell

Billie Eilish sang an unreleased song during a show held in Manchester, England, last Tuesday night, 7, according to information from NME. The presentation, which took place at AO Arenawas the “Happier Than Ever” owner’s first concert in the country since her performance at the Reading festival in 2019.

“We haven’t played a new song live before it’s released since 2017 or 2018,” he said. Eilish before sharing the track called ‘TV.’ “This is one we just wrote and we just wanted to play it for you.” Fans shared a video of the show featuring the melodic track the singer played acoustically with her brother, Finneas O’Connell.

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In the song’s lyrics, the artist says: “What’s the point of anything / All my friends are gone again / This is what happens when you fall in love.” finneas he slowly played the guitar and, at times, joined his sister in singing in unison.

In another moment, Billie Eilish seemed to make references to recent current events, such as the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and the attempt to undermine abortion rights in the United States. “The internet went crazy watching movie stars on trial / While they’re taking it down Roe v. wade (judicial case that recognized the right to abortion or voluntary termination of pregnancy in the country).”

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Look “TV” live below:

Billie Eilish reveals ‘exhaustion’ with Tourette’s syndrome in childhood: ‘I don’t understand’

Billie Eilish opened up about the diagnosis of Tourette syndrome in an interview with David Letterman in the fourth season of the series Next Guest Doesn’t Need Introductionsgives Netflix. The new year’s talk show also features conversations with Will Smith, Cardi B, Ryan Reynoldsbetween others.

In addition to talking about the disorder, diagnosed when he was a child, Eilish also commented on fame and music. “The funny thing is, so many people have it that you would never know,” stated the owner of “Happier Than Ever.” The singer revealed how she met several artists who also have Tourette’s syndrome.

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Then, letterman asked if talking about the condition has worsened. “No way,” replied Billie Eilish. “I really love answering questions about it, because it’s very, very interesting. And I’m incredibly confused by it. I don’t understand.” Eilish went on to say how he had “small” tics as a child: “For me, they are very tiring,” but explained that he has “befriended it now.”

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