“Billie Eilish: The World A Little Hazy”. Billie Eilish cure all evil?

  • Billie Eilish made her debut in 2015 with the song “Ocean Eyes”, which two years later was on her first mini album.
  • She has won countless awards, including five prestigious Grammy Awards
  • Her biggest hit “Bad Guy” was viewed over a billion times on YouTube
  • The debut album became one of the best-selling albums of 2019.
  • The documentary “Billie Eilish: The World Slightly Hazy” debuted on the AppleTV + platform on February 26, 2021.
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“I never wanted to make any statements. I was just talking about how I felt. I didn’t plan on speaking for someone. Later it turned out that many of my fans felt similar emotions,” says Billie Eilish in a documentary prepared by AppleTV +. Why is it safe to say that the 19-year-old singer has become the voice of Generation Z? It is enough to ask the interested parties themselves. For them, Eilish is not a star – he is one of them. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are fans of her, Instagram is followed by 76 million people, and Justin Bieber calls to congratulate her on her success. Despite this, Billie still lives with her parents, in the house where she grew up. Unusual but true.

Life away from the spotlight

Over the last dozen or so years, it has been difficult to find a person in the American show business with whom young people were able to identify. Although many celebrities tried to create the image of a “normals”, they quickly abandoned their disguises. Expensive cars, designer creations, villas in the best neighborhoods of Los Angeles and diamonds on stilts, ears and, recently, even on the forehead … This is what we were all fed on the web, on TV and in the press. And although many of us understood perfectly well that he would never achieve such wealth, first of all, it was difficult for us to understand the idols who said on the screens that it was difficult for them. While the slogan “money is not everything” seems quite accurate, it is difficult to identify with the crying Kim Kardashian, who is sitting in a private jet on her way to Paris to attend another multimillionaire party.

Around the same time in 2015, the young Billie Eilish took her first steps in songwriting. Finally, the emotional ballad Ocean Eyes, written by her brother, is released online. The song is found by the young on the popular SoundCloud platform – they get in touch with the singer. After all, she is their peer and who else will better understand their problems …

Money can’t buy real emotions

Malicious people often claim that Eilish is a product of big labels, and her image is a well-thought-out strategy of marketing specialists. After all, it is behind one of the largest labels in the world, which cooperated, among others, with Madonna or Lady Gaga. However, after a few minutes of the documentary “Slightly Foggy” we see a girl who is not quite able to find herself in the world of glitz. She is an adolescent young woman who continues to chatter with her parents, fool around, and often say “I’ll do it later”. We all know this stage.

When Billie began to rise to fame, she knew perfectly well how to deal with her fans. After all, she was once in love with Justin Bieber and could not stop listening to Rihanna or Avril Lavigne. Watching her idols on TV, she felt a void that no one could fill. The parents did not understand “great love” because they were preoccupied with their own affairs. Therefore, when her popularity grew, she refused the so-called meet & greet, i.e. paid meetings during concerts. She didn’t want to force herself and put her fans in the situation she once found herself in when she went to meet her idol and felt disappointed. Instead, she herself prefers to go out into the crowd and talk to her audience for hours. He believes that these emotions must be real, not bought with money.

“We identify with her”

Eilish is not your typical pop star. “We identify with it” – repeat her fans. However, they are not surprised. The singer does not create a candy image, and in her songs she does not boredom love themes, but prefers to sing about mental problems, loneliness, incomprehension or death. In one of the scenes in the document, she shows her notebook, which is filled not only with dark texts, but also quite disturbing drawings, which later became the basis of her music videos. “I cut my wrists because I thought I deserved this. I had razor blades everywhere, and my hands were always wrapped in bandages” – says the singer. “I thought I would never live to see my seventeenth birthday,” she adds, and seems to be really honest about it all.

When she was 13, she was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome – a disorder that manifests itself through tics, difficulty concentrating and being hyperactive. She spoke about her problem in public after journalists did not cut out the moments in which the singer turns her head or widens her eyes from the interview. “People thought I was fooling around,” she insisted, and she had no doubts that she had to tell the truth. Why hadn’t she done this sooner? She did not want to build her career on it.

When she grew up, she loved to dance, but quickly her body stopped refusing to obey her, and she struggled with dysmorphic disorders. She hated her body. At all costs, she wanted to hide her large breasts with wide clothes. In addition, during the first years of her career, she suffered from severe depression.

“I felt really bad every day. People didn’t notice it because I was always laughing and joyful. But I would like to emphasize that a depressed person can also be a really positive person” – he says in one of the interviews, recalling that period. When she started talking about her problems openly, some media tried to prove that she was bad for young people because she talked about mental disorders in such a normal way.

Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain. Perhaps it is because so many young people struggle with depression and anxiety. In the last dozen or so years, the percentage of juvenile suicides has increased significantly. Sweeping the problem under the rug is not the answer to the suffering of teenagers. So is stigmatizing the problem.

Understanding and family support

Billie Eilish: A Slightly Foggy World also shows Billie’s great bond with her brother and parents. Her mom seems to be a huge support and her dad is a firm friend. Although the singer plays at the largest concert halls, she probably earned a lot of money, the concern of her parents when she leaves home alone for the first time, right after getting her driver’s license – is a really thrilling scene throughout the movie. The bond she has with her brother is truly unique. Billie and Finneas are not only siblings, but also best friends and artists who understand each other without words.

It is the common language of the whole family that is behind the huge success of the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. It is worth noting, for those who do not know, the entire album was created in the room where the singer grew up. And although the label expected a great hit from them, the artist did not know about it during the work on the album, but only later. “I know how much you hate writing songs,” her brother explained when the truth came out. He knew that label pressure would make his sister reluctant to create.

A teenager like any other

“Świat slightly foggy” also shows a teenager who is slightly blasé, moody and reluctantly fulfilling her duties. And this may be the greatest advantage of this material. Authenticity. Who among us at the age of 16 has not said at least once to our parents that the trash will be taken out later. It is remarkable that despite such great success, the singer still seems to be an ordinary teenager who does not intend to change under the influence of money. Okay, she got the car of her dreams for her birthday. And that would be it for the whims of a spoiled teenager.

Billie Eilish may not be an ideal to follow, but it is her greatest weapon. Young people are tired of looking at ideals that they will never catch up with anyway. After all, it is difficult to have a perfect figure, to constantly smile, be the best student in school, go to piano lessons, get up at four in the morning and do homework in the evenings, go out with the dog, help with lunch and, in addition, meet the crazy expectations of friends. The pressure that the world collapses when we fail to meet a certain point of the daily schedule is huge.

“I know people around you can take, but that doesn’t mean you have to, too,” he adds. Her plea to fans is not only an empty message, but rather a statement based on personal experience: “I don’t want to see my friends die anymore.”

Maybe that’s why Billie became the answer? You don’t have to be perfect, and at the same time you can make your dreams come true and be successful. She went through it herself, and may still be going through it.

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