Billie Eilish was hiding under a wig! Why was she delaying the disclosure of her new hair color?

Billie Eilish
Author: Yui Mok / Press Association / East News

A few good weeks ago, Billie Eilish surprised fans with her metamorphosis. The star got us used to its characteristic image. You surely know her dark green hair! Meanwhile, now Billie Eilish has blonde hair on her head. It turns out that the star changed her hair color sooner than we thought. Why was she hiding under the wig ?!

Billie Eilish’s career is an impressive phenomenon. This girl conquered the whole world in just a few months! Millions of fans closely follow her every step. Not so long ago, the singer made them a big surprise. Billie Eilish dyed her hair blonde. Before, she had a combination of black and green on her head, so the change was huge.

We just found out that Billie Eilish changed color much earlier than we thought. The star hid real hair under a wig! Why?

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Why was Billie Eilish hiding under a wig?

The singer appeared on The Late Late Show. When she was there two months ago, she still had an old hairstyle. However, there were some theories on the internet that Billie Eilish was wearing a wig at the time. The star confirmed it!

The question is – why was Billie Eilish hiding her hair under her wig? It’s not that she wasn’t happy with the blonde color!

Black to blonde is a big thing. To get it right and not to murder my hair and take care of their health, I did the first treatment … Then I waited about two weeks and then again and waited two weeks and waited a week and blah blah blah. I just knew there would be transitional periods where it would look crazy …

Billie Eilish explained.


Billie Eilish is an absolute phenomenon. Grammys records, Met gala – you know about it …

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