Billie Eilish was irritated by an incident. The singer suddenly stopped her performance

Billie Eilish performed a few days ago in New York at the Governors Ball. This event has been organized since 2012 and its aim is to raise awareness of climate change and hunger in the world. This year’s edition of the festival also focused on the problem of inequality in access to vaccination against COVID-19. Unfortunately, at some point the star was forced to stop her performance.

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Sobel explains the behavior at the concert

Billie Eilish suddenly stopped her performance. The star noticed something disturbing

During the performance of the hit “Happier Than Ever”, the singer noticed that a dangerous incident took place in the crowd gathered in front of the stage. According to the Insider portal, some of the singer’s fans needed medical support. At least three people felt unwell and vomited in front of the stage. Unfortunately, the security did not pay attention to it. The lack of intervention by those keeping order at the festival clearly irritated the young star, who suddenly stopped her performance.

Security, why don’t you pay attention to it? Billie shouted, visibly angry.

Billie added that security guards should focus more on their work as that is their main job during the festival. Soon after, she asked the injured fan if everything was alright. People gathered at the concert rewarded the attitude of the young vocalist with applause.

All good? Are you OK? Billie asked.

Fans comment on Billie’s behavior at the New York festival

Billie Eillish was the headliner of the Governors Ball music festival. The artist’s fans do not spare their praise for her behavior during the concert. At the same time, they are disappointed that the star was forced to pay attention to what was happening under the stage.

I was at a concert – Billie reacted quickly when people shouted to her that something was going on and a doctor should be called.

Many people felt bad during the festival. I was there and I was sick too. People passed out every two minutes before Billie’s show, commented one TikTok user under the video of the event.

Despite an unpleasant incident that took place during the main concert at Governors Ball in New York, Billie Eilish confessed that she had a great time. Moreover, the star admitted that it was one of the best performances she had the opportunity to present to her audience so far.

The young singer likes to surprise the audience

At one of the concerts, the star decided to present an unusual recording. The assembled audience could see the video of Eilish undressing. With each removable garment, the water level rises. The moment she takes off her blouse, she almost drowns. This image was accompanied by a strong monologue of the singer regarding the fight against all forms of discrimination or ridicule because of what someone looks like.

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