Bills: here’s how to pay them in installments

To try to better manage the situation linked to expensive bills, the Arera has provided a very interesting new possibility, which could allow you to save. This is the possibility of invoicing bills in installments, so as not to have an excessive outlay. Let’s see in the following article how to exploit this possibility.

Let’s see how the payment of bills in installments which is granted by Arera exceptionally to the Italians. High utility bills are becoming a very serious problem, and even bigger increases are expected in the fourth quarter. With this possibility the bill price will be paid monthlyallowing for a lower outlay.

We see how it works and how to request the installment.

Arera: how can you have the payment in installments?


The energy authority has made provision for the payment of bills in installments. This will happen by allowing monthly billing and not every two months: in this way it would burden the portfolio of Italian families as little as possible. However, this will only be possible for those who have access to the protected marketthat is about 7.3 million customers.

In preparing the installments, the Authority took into account:

the need to provide for a greater frequency of billing as part of the protection service, so as to allow end customers to know their spending more frequently and to redistribute bill payments over several months.

Bills: the rates will be updated in the autumn


Also from Arera comes the great news of the new system for updating the bill rates: it will no longer be quarterly but it will happen every monthwill be ex post and no longer ex ante as has happened up to now, thus separating the price variations relating to electricity from those on gas.

Monthly billing will also be granted to businesses and not just to families. Consumer associations have reacted with perplexity, believing that the measure is not entirely adequate to solve the problem.

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