Bills, so the cost of household appliances changes with the new price increases

The bills ofelectricity drive up the costs of domestic appliances. While another sting on the gas is coming. This is why there are those who organize themselves: the consumption of methane in residential users in September decreased by 9.4%. And those of electricity drop by 15.9% according to Terna. While Istat certifies the decline in the purchasing power of families. And there are those who turn to discount stores to shop: the latest figures show a leap beyond 10% of turnover in September. L’Is in the meanwhile, prepare a bonus for those who cut consumption. But how much does the increase in electricity costs affect the cost of each household appliance? An analysis by Assoutenti for the Corriere della Sera makes the calculations on the most used. In a typical family of 3 and also taking into account the costs of those left in stand-by.

Washing machine, TV, hairdryer, oven and refrigerator

The calculations of Assoutenti they say that the expense for each appliance doubles, if not more. And they agree with those of While the increase in gas prices makes us think more and more about rationing. According to these quarterly accounts, therefore:

  • the hairdryer consumes 260 kilowatt hours per year. The cost of the fourth quarter goes up by 77.2 EUR 171.6;
  • the consumption of oven depends on the ignition program. On average it consumes 100 kw per year. Pass to 29.7 euros to 66;
  • there washing machine it is always better to leave it in the evening and with a full load. Consume 240 kw per year. Switch from 71.2 euro a 158.4;
  • for the refrigerator count the temperature. Consume 300 kw per year. The cost goes from 89.1 euro a 198.

Finally, the TV: salt from 56.4 euros to 125.4 euros from now to December. And the computerwhich comes to cost 62.7 EUR. To save money Assoutenti recommends replacing all light bulbs present in the house with LED bulbs. To choose only high energy saving appliances (class A +++). And finally to apply a smart consumption (operation at full load, ignition in the evening at a reduced rate) for domestic appliances.

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